Single Hung Windows

What are Single Hung Windows?

Only the bottom sash is operable in a single hung window. Much like a double hung window, this sash slides up and down, as well as tilts in for easy cleaning. The top sash is stationary

Ascetically, there is not much difference, just functionality. Price is also a good reason to choose a single hung window: they tend to have a lower price point.


There are 2 disadvantages to the Single Hung Window. 1. Only the bottom sash opens and closes and tilts in for easy cleaning. If you like having clean windows and have a 2nd story house, a single hung window might not be the best option. Since the top sash does not tilt in, it will make it harder to clean. 2. You drop in U-Factor a few points. Why you ask? There is less material in a single hung window, which means there is more glass. Glass is less energy efficient than vinyl or wood. What’s the Most Energy Efficient Window on the Market?¬†


Shape Top Options for Single Hung Windows:

Single Hung
Single Hung windows offer a great design element for the top sash. We can seamlessly integrates the shape into the actual window, creating a larger window element. This increases the amount of natural light in the room since there is no horizontal divider separating the top shape element from the main window.