Vinyl Windows by Floyd

2 Great Windows, One Great Company

We have access to just about any brand of window that you could want: Pella, Anderson, Marvin, etc. We decided to sit down with as many window manufactures as we could to learn all about Windows. Two main reasons:
  1. As a Replacement Window expert, we have to be knowledgable of all the products out there. How else can we help our customer make an informed decision?
  2. Most importantly, we wanted to find a window that we would install into our own homes. We sit down with each customer and go over their needs, their budgets and their concerns. As a family-owned and operated business, we have to look each customer in the eye and know that we are doing what is best for them, not just our pocket book.

So: What does that mean for you, as a Home Owner?

We have team with Great Lakes to offer 2 great windows for St. Louis. Both Replacement windows are fantastic and are backed by one of largest window company in the United States. We designed 2 windows with Your Budget in mind. Your Energy Bills in mind. Your Home in mind. After all, it is your home. Imagine a window that is specifically designed to create the welcoming atmosphere you’ve always wanted. You and your family are safe and secure. You’re cozy through every St. Louis Season. Nights are quiet, and days are peaceful. Even your energy bills are lower. There are so many benefits with Floyd Renovations, and we are ready to help make your home a personal sanctuary.

Let’s Get Started

Let’s dive into each Window and see which is the best fit for your home: Comfort Smart and Harbor Light

Floyd Vinyl Replacement Windows