Use your windows to enhance your view!

No matter the season there’s something beautiful to find outdoors. And with the right vinyl replacement windows, you can improve your view without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Some homes lend themselves well to a room with a view, with large expansive windows that perfectly suit the scenery. Others need a bit of help. Small windows, cluttered frames, and even windows in disrepair can all distract from the view at best. 

Here are a few of our favorite window styles to make the most of your view. Of course, we can always help you with a personal consultation. We are happy to guide you on which window style fits your specific space, style, and budget! Stop by our showroom to see each window, fully functioning

Your View from Picture Windows

Just think about the name — picture windows are like a piece of art! These windows are fully fixed, but can be paired with nearby windows that allow for opening functionality. Picture windows are perfect when you want a large, decorative centerpiece window for your room.

These windows can be shaped into practically any design you can think of. This will highlight the view, and make art out of the window itself. You will enjoy the expanse of light a picture window lets into your home, and the unparalleled beauty these windows put on display.

Because picture windows do not have moving parts they are highly energy efficient. So even a large picture window will not compromise on the comfort of your home.

Your View from Bay and Bow Windows

Our bay and bow windows offer a dramatic view. Homeowners should be aware that these windows can be configured in several ways, including with a fixed window in the center. You can pair this with side windows that open, to let in a fresh breeze. Or you can select bay windows made out of all double hung or casement windows, where all of the mulled windows open.

Bay and bow windows generally offer a wide view outside. They come in all kinds of colors and design options to frame that view. It will be easy to find something that perfectly complements your home, and the great outdoors.

With a bay window you also have the option of installing a window seat or bench, which brings the outdoors that much closer.

Your View from Casement Windows

Our casement windows offer low profile operation with a fold-away nesting handle that won’t compete with the outdoor views. These windows are attached to one side of the frame and open by swinging away from your home. So even an open window will not interfere with the outdoor scenery. Casement windows are popular for their energy efficiency, security, and of course, their great looks. Especially with the variety of colors and hardware finishes we offer.

You can add grilles to casement windows for design interest, or leave them plain to maximize on the outdoor vistas. Either way, you will be getting a window that works well and looks great. If you add several casement windows to your home, side by side, you will enhance the view without having to give up on functionality. designed

Floyd partnered with Great Lakes to build The St. Louis Window. The “St. Louis Window” is a window that Floyd has specifically created for our clients, one that takes many factors into consideration like our climate and other conditions. With the Comfort Smart line from Great Lakes Window, we offer Low-E coating and the Energy Guard 2 IS. These coatings are unique to the St. Louis window and deliver protection from sunlight fading and damaging UV rays. Not only does this coating protect from UV rays but it also keeps heat from escaping your room. This means = energy savings and a more comfortable home for you! On average, this window produces a 20% increase in energy efficiency.