The Most Energy Efficient Window on the Market

Before we answer that question, let’s look at the most popular window styles that you can have for your home. To see all the styles that Floyd offers: CLICK HERE

Double Hung Window

The most popular window style in St. Louis. The top and bottom sashes raise and lower for maximum air flow. Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning as well. All of our double hungs are custom made for your opening size.

Single Hung Windows

Only the bottom sash is operable in a single hung window. Much like a double hung window, this sash slides up and down, as well as tilts in for easy cleaning. The top sash is stationary

Casement Windows

TwinCase_TanAlso referred to as a ‘crank’ window, casement windows allow a sleek style to will improve not only the amount of light let into your house, but curb appeal as well.





Slider Windows

Simply put: A slider is a double hung turned on it’s side. Sometimes called a “gliding window,” both sashes move for easy cleaning.

Picture Windows

Also referred to as fixed windows, have no moveable parts.


VW_CAS_GEAR_16440Alright, now that you are sufficiently educated on the most popular window styles, let’s get back to the main point: The Most Energy Efficient Window on the Market. The Winner of this distinction is the Casement Window. Here are some numbers to mull over. Our standard double hung windows hits a 0.27 U-Factor. The Casement Window will come in at an amazing 0.25 U-Factor! Why do you ask? Very simply, the Casement windows seals up the tightest of all the windows. The “crank” handle seals up the window against air much like a submarine seals up the cabin against water.

Not only is it the most energy efficient window, but on the flip side, it will open a full 90 degrees to allow the most air flow through the house and allows the most visibility. Which makes it a perfect window for folks who like the view from their house.