St. Louis Window

Internal Surface Coated LowE (IS2)

Letting in a little sunshine is great – until it fades everything inside your home. Our windows feature spectrally-selective Low-E coatings that let in the sun’s light while reducing fading by partially reflecting damaging UV rays and acting as a sunscreen for furnishings and floors. The result is a more comfortable home year round

The St. Louis Comfort Smart Window comes standard with EnergyGaurd IS2. One lite of Low-E reflects radiant heat back into a room and Interior Shield Low-E keeps radiant heat from escaping the room. Meaning: Energy Savings and a more comfortable home for you! No one else has EnergyGaurd IS2



Block & Tackle

Block & Tackle is the premier balancer system for Replacement Windows.

Kevlar impregnated nylon rope with tension control

Last 3 times longer than traditional Constant Force Balancer System: 24,000 cycles vs 8,000

Capable of holding more weight