Glass Systems

Parts of a Replacement Window Glass System

The key to choosing the right glass package for your home is to find the combination of performance values to suit your needs. Look to Floyd Glass & Window to help you make these decisions.
All windows with insulated glass claim to save you money on energy costs, but not all insulated glass windows are created equal. Floyd’s windows with high-performance glass can save you significant money on energy costs, and their innovative design helps make your home more comfortable.

The performance of your window will depend on the configuration you choose. Many elements can impact the energy-efficiency of your Vista window, such as the use of Low-E glass and the gas that fills the space between the glass.

Low-E Glass is a microscopically thin, virtually invisible, metallic layer deposited on the glass surface primarily to reduce the U-factor (lower U-factor = better insulation) by suppressing radiant heat flow. Low-E coating is virtually transparent to the solar spectrum (visible light and short-wave infrared radiation) and reflective of long-wave infrared radiation.


Argon and Krypton are odorless, colorless, non-toxic inert gasses that can be used instead of air between panes of glass to increase insulation and energy efficiency.

Components of an Insulated Glass Unit:

1.) Dual and Triple Pane glass Options

2.) High Performance Spacer Options

3.) Double stacked LowE2 Coatings

4.) Argon or Krypton Gases

Triple Pane

Ultimate_Triple_Pane_Cutaway_1Starting in 2014 Energy Star is tightening the requirements for window manufactures to meet the Energy Star requirements
What does this mean for you: the consumer? Currently, the majority of Window Manufactures are meeting the Energy Star requirements. Starting in 2014, with the raising standards, it will be harder for companies to produce a window that will meet their requirements, there for forcing better quality windows. A quality window, should already surpass the 2014 requirements. Starting in 2014 be sure you look for this sticker on your window (for the St. Louis Area. St. Louis lands in the North-Central Climate Zone. To find out your Climate Zone: Click Here



Energy bills continue to rise and far outpace the rate of inflation. Heating and cooling costs make up the largest percentage of your utility bills and the smart consumer will seek ways to reduce their overall usage. But even after you change out all of your light bulbs to compact fluorescents and you wrap all of your hot water pipes with insulation, you’ll still be paying more than you need to if you don’t pay any attention to your windows and doors. In fact, the US Department on Energy estimates that as much as 70% of your energy could be wasted through inefficient windows and doors. Don’t invest in a window that, starting in 2014, will not meet Energy Star requirements.

What Does Floyd Offer?

We can offer a large variety of glass packages for you that you may or may not need in St. Louis. So, what we have done to simplify things and to better serve you, is designed a glass package just for St. Louis.

IS2 Window Coating
>Blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays from entering your home.
>Higher insulating capability.
>Provides excellent fading protection.