Color Options

Make a statement with your Replacement Windows. Tell a story. Sometimes White is just not enough. Make your home stand out with exterior color options. There are earth tones ideal for Craftsman styles. Rich, bold colors for Contemporary homes. Pick and choose. Mix and match. Whatever you decide, it’s your home. Color it your way.

Exterior Colors

No single color works for every style of home. That’s why we offer plenty of options for your Replacement Windows to complement your siding, stone, brick or stucco. Our paint is heat-reflective for outstanding color retention and durability, and is warranted for 10 years against chipping, peeling, blistering and fading. Or if you prefer lighter, earth tones, perfect for a Country or Prairie style home, choose from our Standard palette. The color is same on both the interior and exterior for extruded colors, or with our co-extruded colors, your interior and exterior can be two different colors. One to complement your home’s exterior and the interior matches your home’s décor. Whatever your style is, Floyd will find the perfect fit for your home


Heat-reflective exterior paint. Black is available in Euro only, Shark Skin is available in Satin only.


Interior Colors

Coordinating with interior décor is important. That’s why Great Lakes replacement window color options includes light colors for neutral palettes and multiple woodgrain options to match wood trim, cabinets and flooring.



Surround your windows with beauty.

Our vinyl window color options are available with matching trim and jamb extensions and are available in White, Colonial Cherry, Natural Oak and Golden Oak. We use the same color process for both trim and windows so you’re guaranteed a perfect match.

Trim Accessories