Bow Window vs Bay Window

Bow Window vs Bay Window

Bow and bay windows are the ideal choice if you want a bigger opening than your standard options. But many people aren’t exactly sure what the differences are between the two.


Bow windows are usually four or more windows joined together to create a curve, where all the windows may have the ability to open in some way. This is the option you’ll want to go with if you want windows that can open and close to let in fresh air. This style forms a ledge, convenient for holding household décor or other items.

Bow window styles


Bay windows typically have a fixed middle window, such as a picture window, with side windows that open. The side windows are usually a combination of casement or double hung window styles. This style still allows for fresh air to enter into the home, but not every window can open. While bow windows provide a ledge for holding knick knacks, this style creates a window seat, where you can relax with a good book or display household items.

Bay window styles

No matter what style you choose, you’ll be adding an elegant element to your space. The natural curve of a bay or bow window will not only create a larger view, but it will add light and space to a room, making it feel a bit more spacious and bright.

In addition to choosing the window styles that make up your bay or bow window, there are plenty of choices when it comes to appearance. Stain-grade woods for the trim and seat boards, frame colors, grilles, designer glass and more all come together to create the most customized windows that are a perfect fit for your home and personal style.